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A Note From Richard

Thanks for visiting my website. Enjoy a look around, and be sure to download your free copy of Brainrush, my debut novel that became the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Action/Adventure shortly after it was released. I still can’t believe it! And please don’t hesitate to contact me directly anytime. I love hearing from you!

The Brainrush thriller series is a continuing story about second chances, and embracing each day of your life as though it’s your last. It was a natural first step in my writing since Jake Bronson’s emotional journey—as an Air Force pilot who faces a terminal diagnosis—parallels my own. It was a blast to write. The story is filled with lots of unexpected twists and turns, and I promise you’ll never predict the ending of Book 1. When Publishers Weekly reviewed the unpublished manuscript, they said it “culminates in a particularly outrageous and fitting conclusion.” Good! Life should be that way, don’t you think?

Happy reading,

Richard Bard