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Brainrush garnered more than a thousand comments while it was posted on the Harper Collins website, Authonomy. Fueled by comments and votes it soared to the overall #1 slot over 9,000 other books—for all genres!


Richard, Your book has just given my brain the best rush it's had for a long time! It is quite possibly the most gripping and engaging thriller I have ever read—not just on Authonomy—but anywhere. Right from the start, I was held in its suspenseful grasp, shaken, caressed, dropped, picked up again and shaken some more—all the while quite powerless to wriggle free until I had reached the end. Thought provoking, touching and continuously exciting, this is so much better than most published action thrillers. Not only is the story exquisitely crafted with a colourfully varied cast of eminently realistic characters but the writing is perfect. Every word, every simile and every metaphor falls so naturally into place that never once was I distracted from the seemingly effortless flow of narrative. Reading this book is rather like going white-water rafting through the most breath-taking scenery imaginable whilst knowing you are in the hands of a master craftsman. If this book does not become an instant best-seller, I will eat my manuscript!
   —Simon, Connected

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